Top 11 Glamping Accommodations in Victoria

Fancy a luxurious twist on the traditional camping experience? Well, prepare to say hello to glamping in Victoria. In this southeastern corner of Australia, Victoria’s diverse landscapes from the rugged Great Ocean Road to the peaceful tranquility of the Alpine National Park serve as perfect glamping backdrops.

With glamping, you’re immersed in the great outdoors, waking to the sounds of the bush, but with all the comforts of a luxury hotel. Picture this: A warm, comfortable bed, fantastic amenities, and spectacular views right from your high-end tent.

So, grab your adventure spirit and let’s set off on a journey to explore the best glamping sites in Victoria, where nature meets comfort in the most glamorous way!

Goldfields to Vineyards: Victoria's Best Glamping Accommodations

1. Balgownie Estate Bendigo

Balgownie Estate Bendigo

Nestled in the heart of central Victoria, Balgownie beckons as a serene retreat. From this peaceful vantage point, explore the beauty of the region while ensconced in the comfort of their accommodations.

Choose the modern elegance of the Hermitage House Queen or Deluxe Room, where a shared kitchen, lounge, and a cozy fireplace await. Alternatively, indulge in a One Bedroom Suite, where panoramic views of lush vineyards and untouched bushland stretch out before you.

For those seeking a touch of the celestial, the glamping Bell Tents offer a chance to gaze upon the stars. Savor the award-winning Balgownie wine on your private deck, or sink into relaxation in the outdoor bathtub of the exquisite Luxury Safari Tents.

Address: 46 Hermitage Rd, Maiden Gully VIC 3551

Phone: (03) 5449 6222

2. Cosy Tents - Daylesford

Cosy Tents - Daylesford

Nestled in the serene Spa Capital of Australia, a tranquil glamping escape awaits just 1.5 hours from Melbourne and a mere 15 minutes from Daylesford. Cosy Tents offers a harmonious blend of hotel luxury and nature’s embrace. Imagine unwinding in a beautifully furnished canvas bell tent, sharing stories by a gentle campfire, and drifting to sleep beneath a canopy of stars. Breathe in the fresh air and let the magic of Cosy Tents in Daylesford envelop you.

Address: 6A Kanga Rd, Yandoit VIC 3461
Phone: 0411 322 937

3. Mansfield Glamping

In search of a gentle escape from city bustle or simply a serene haven? Mansfield Glamping presents a tranquil adults-only luxury glamping sanctuary. Crafted especially for individuals, couples, and groups, it’s a place to find solace beneath the canvas of ten magnificent bell tents.

Each tent is a haven of comfort, adorned with a queen-sized bed draped in sumptuous linens, offering a cozy space for relaxation. Embark on a glamping journey with Mansfield Glamping, where nature’s embrace meets the cherished comforts of home.

Address: 299 Rifle Butts Rd, Mansfield VIC 3722
Phone: 0488 396 263

4. Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

Amidst the majestic mountain vistas, a haven teeming with Australia’s vibrant wildlife awaits. At this spacious sanctuary, powered campsites blend seamlessly with top-notch facilities and a diverse range of cozy cabin accommodations. It’s the ideal starting point to discover the wonders of the Grampians. Immerse yourself in the gentle warmth of the woodfire-heated outdoor pool and, as night falls, gather around a soothing campfire, basking in its comforting glow.

Address: 23-27 Tymna Dr, Halls Gap VIC 3381
Phone: (03) 5356 4281

5. The Inverloch Glamping Co

The Inverloch Glamping Co

Nestled in the serene countryside of Inverloch, The Inverloch Glamping Co. invites you to a tranquil retreat, a world away from everyday hustle.

With the gentle embrace of farmland and the soothing whispers of ocean views, this artisanal sanctuary becomes a haven for rejuvenation. Whether you choose the warmth of their cabins, the elegance of luxury bell tents, or the unique charm of a geodesic dome tent, comfort is assured.

Private, tailor-made bathrooms add a touch of luxury, while a communal cooking hub becomes a space of connection. Here, guests can gather, share stories by the wood fires, and let the distant sound of the ocean serenade them beneath a starlit sky.

Address: 80 Drowleys Rd, Inverloch VIC 3996
Phone: 0400 168 240

6. Eight Acres Lakes Entrance

Eight Acres Lakes Entrance

Nestled amidst the tranquility of native bushland, Eight Acres Lakes Entrance beckons as both a serene accommodation and an enchanting wedding venue. Established in December 2020, it’s a stone’s throw from the untouched beaches and charming town of Lakes Entrance.

Sprawling across a lush 8-acre expanse, this distinctive venue weaves rustic charm with luxury. Imagine glamping tents that speak of elegance, coastal farmhouse cottages that warmly welcome pets, and the gentle sway of palm trees guarding an outdoor pool. With friendly farm animals, a picturesque Wedshed, and the grandeur of towering eucalypts, there’s an abundance of space and beauty to explore and cherish.

Address: 303 Colquhoun Rd, Lakes Entrance VIC 3909
Phone: (03) 5155 4314

7. Koondrook Retreat

Koondrook Retreat

Nestled along the serene banks of Gunbower Creek in Koondrook, Victoria, the Koondrook Retreat offers a tranquil escape. From the luxury of your self-contained accommodation, let the uninterrupted creek views soothe your spirit. For those arriving by boat, the convenience of docking right on the banks and stepping into your retreat tent feels like a dreamy embrace of Koondrook’s beauty.

At Koondrook Retreat, a myriad of gentle activities await — from kayaking and cycling to fishing and peaceful bush walks. To enhance your stay, they’ve thoughtfully provided private BBQs, seamless wireless internet access, and immaculately kept retreat tents, ensuring every moment is wrapped in comfort and serenity.

Address: Tramway Pl, Koondrook VIC 3580
Phone: (03) 5452 5656

8. Goldfield Glamping

Goldfield Glamping

Tucked gently in the heart of the goldfields region, between the picturesque towns of Daylesford, Castlemaine, and Maldon, Goldfield Glamping offers a serene boutique accommodation experience within its luxurious tents.

Embracing nature’s rhythm, this retreat is entirely off-grid, harmoniously coexisting with the environment. Across its 25-acre expanse, much has been rejuvenated, creating a sanctuary for both wildlife and visitors. With a limited number of just five tents, Goldfield Glamping ensures an intimate and tranquil escape for every guest.

Address: 134 Wilsons Ln, Clydesdale VIC 3461
Phone: 0435 812 412

9. Metung Hot Springs

Metung Hot Springs

Discover a haven of tranquility in our exquisite glamping accommodations. Tucked amidst the serene embrace of the Hot Springs, every luxurious safari-style glamping tent is a testament to comfort and elegance. Within, find an ensuite bathroom, a majestic king-size four-poster bed, and furnishings that exude opulence. Step out onto your personal deck, where private bathing barrels await, offering serene views of the gentle lagoon and the whispering native landscape.

Address: 73 Storth Ryes Ave, Metung VIC 3904

Phone: (03) 5141 2300

10. Castlemaine Gardens Luxury Safari Tents

Castlemaine Gardens Luxury Safari Tents

Ideal for cherished family moments or an intimate romantic escape, BIG4 Castlemaine’s Safari Tents offer an unparalleled holiday ambiance. Overlooking a canopy of trees and the serene Castlemaine Botanical Gardens, each tent rests on a spacious, private wooden deck. Here, every detail is thoughtfully curated to ensure your getaway is nothing short of perfect.

Address: 1 Doran Ave, Castlemaine VIC 3450
Phone: (03) 5472 1125

11. Skyview Bubbletent

Skyview Bubbletent

Nestled in the tranquil heart of Eganstown, Victoria, discover a haven where the city’s hustle fades into a distant memory. Here, in a luxuriously crafted clear-roofed bubble-tent, the vastness of the starry night sky becomes your canopy. This unique retreat marries the essence of comfortable living with the raw beauty of camping, all set within an untouched Australian bush clearing. In this secluded woodland glen, cradled by nature’s embrace, find a serene space to breathe deeply and reconnect with the universe above.

Cheerio from the Bush

That’s the beauty of Glamping in Victoria – it’s more than just a stay; it’s a unique experience. So whether you’re sipping wine in a hilltop tent in the Mornington Peninsula, taking a dip in a hot spring near Daylesford, or listening to the call of native wildlife in Wilsons Promontory, Glamping offers you a chance to soak up Victoria’s natural beauty while enjoying a touch of luxury.

There’s a whole lot of Victoria to love, and glamping is your ticket to see it up close. So, go on mate, pack your bag and get ready for a great Aussie adventure. Trust me, it’s going to be a ripper!

Your Victorian Tale

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