For any couple that is looking forward to getting married in Australia, getting a perfect wedding venue is one of the biggest worries. The venue plays the biggest part in making the ceremony amazing. If you are in Queensland and looking for a perfect venue to tie the knot, you can consider any of the several Montville wedding locations. The rustic wedding venues listed below are known for their rustic beauty, amazing landscape and will not break your bank account.

1. Secrets on the Lake

Secrets on the Lake

Secrets on the Lake is one of the most popular wedding locations in Montville. Located on the Sunshine Coast hinterland, it offers couples stunning views by the Lake Baroon. A rainforest adds to the beauty and couples can celebrate their wedding in almost an absolute seclusion.

This location is great for hosting a garden ceremony, photoshoots and reception. The property is expansive and there are awesome spots for each part of the ceremony that includes a romantic Lake House Chapel, garden decks, expansive manicured green lawns, or by the bushes. Besides, the venue has LGBT wedding packages for same-sex couples getting married.

Address: 207 Narrows Rd, Montville QLD 4560, Australia

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2. Montville Country Cabins

Montville Country Cabins

If you are dreaming of a fairy tale destination wedding and do not want to jet across the world, Montville Country Cabins is the place to choose. This resort village is located about 4 kilometers from Montville town. Couples can spend a whole weekend at the location, enjoying its breath-taking scenery and fresh air from the greenery in the property.

There are 16 acres of this beauty that does not come at a cost that will not break your bank. You can have ceremonies and weddings on the property. There is also accommodation for your guests who would love to celebrate your union for the whole weekend.

Address: 396 Western Ave, Montville QLD 4560, Australia

3. Spicers Clovelly Estate

Spicers Clovelly Estate

Spicers Clovelly Estate is located just 90 minutes’ drive from Brisbane. It offers a private wedding setting away from the noise and bustle of the city in the Sunshine Coast of Montville. The property is 5-star rated and offers a mix of rustic natural beauty and contemporary luxurious accommodation.

Its expansive compound is dotted with magnolias, grand figs and purple shaded jacarandas in addition to the beautiful French architecture buildings. A combination of these offers awesome photography spots across the compound. You can hold a full ceremony or reception in the location. Luxurious accommodation is present for your visitors who may want to stay the entire weekend.

Address: 38-68 Balmoral Rd, Montville QLD 4560, Australia

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4. Vue de Lumieres

Vue de Lumieres

Vue de Lumieres is the perfect getaway for couples who want to hold their wedding in a picturesque setting. The Sunshine Coast wedding destination has spectacular garden views with extensive plains forming the horizon and plenty of photography spots across the expansive garden. In addition, the property boasts of being a blank canvas, a place where couples can create any dream wedding without restrictions.

Accommodation is available within the property for couples and guests who want to relax before and after the ceremony. There are several pocket-friendly packages for the wedding ceremony and accommodation.

Address: 644 Maleny – Montville Rd, Balmoral Ridge QLD 4552, Australia

5. Nirvana Montville

Nirvana Montville

This idyllic wedding destination is one of the most beautiful places to get married that you can find in Montville. It is located close to Flaxton and Maleny at the Sunshine Coast of Montville. A rustic, holiday home feel creates a personal, private wedding experience. It has a 5-bedroom home where you can spend the entire wedding weekend with your closest friends and family.

The rest of the three-acre property is delicately manicured with bushes, flowers and green grass, making it a photography paradise. There are also outdoor decks where you can party with your closest members after tying the knot.

Address: 14 Cynthia Hunt Drive, Montville QLD 4560, Australia

6. House of Laurels

House of Laurels

House of Laurels is the ultimate wedding location for people who are looking for an exclusive, private ceremony without breaking their bank accounts. It has still manicured gardens that can host up to 200 guests. Couples have the freedom to create a wedding ceremony of their liking with few restrictions.

You can have a garden wedding or use the guesthouse, which boasts of antique chandeliers, fifteen-foot ceilings and marble spa bathrooms. Accommodation is available within the property for those who would love to stay. Wedding packages are all-inclusive for those who want to escape the stress of wedding planning.

Address: 35 Sinclairs Ln, Maleny QLD 4552, Australia

7. Flaxton Gardens

Flaxton Gardens

If you have been dreaming of a classic garden wedding where nature is part of the offering, Flaxton Gardens is your prime wedding destination. This spot located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland offers a stunning rural-like setting with manicured bushes and grass to enjoy.

Beyond the gardens, are rolling landscapes covered with greenery. This location is flexible, allowing couples to plan and execute their dream wedding. The team at Flaxton Gardens also offers venue styling support and all-inclusive offers to make the wedding event truly memorable.

Address: 313-327 Flaxton Dr, Flaxton QLD 4560, Australia

Your choice of a wedding location plays a role in the overall wedding beauty and experience. The list above provides you with some of the popular wedding venues that will not drain your funds when it comes to using the facilities. They offer privacy, stunning views for your photography session and awesome wedding deals. Some of them also have luxurious accommodations for your guests.