Forest bathing is one of the popular health and wellness trends—but what exactly is it? And how do you do forest bathing? What are some of its benefits? Find out why many modern travelers are choosing to go to the forest for relaxation.


What is Forest Bathing? Where Did it Come from?

It is the relaxing of one’s mind and body through the profuse and natural breathing exercises practiced in a natural setting. It is in a non-stressful manner that still allows them to feel in control of their bodies, emotions, and states of mind.

There are five senses that they can usefully access as they relax their bodies in this very different ways. Through this breathing exercise, which is called Shinrin-yoku, one can open up the brain’s processing center so it can receive and provide its natural messages of joy, safety, and security. It can be considered “forest yoga.” It is like paying attention to your deeper self, or your true self, through the constant stream of information received and the flow of feelings you experience as you access and use all five of your senses simultaneously while forest bathing.

Benefits of Forest Bathing

The main benefit of this type of bathing is that it helps in the purification of the body and improves immunity. It is also known to improve blood circulation by increasing lymph flow. This helps in improving mood, sleeping, and appetite. This type of bathing is also very good for treating depression and anxiety and also helps in maintaining a positive mood. Forest bathing also helps in improving digestion, strengthens immunity, reduces respiratory problems, and stimulates reproductive organs. Forest bathing has a positive impact on one’s total health.

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing in Australia

If you are an enthusiastic and explorer type of person, then you must be looking for the best places where you can spend your holidays in Australia like forest bathing. This is one of the activities that you can do as a part of your holiday making plans especially if you prefer to get close to nature and are fond of spending your holidays there. Many places in Australia offer forest bathing and some of these places are:

  • Gold Coast
  • Surfers Paradise
  • Mermaid Beach
  • Sonya State Forest

All these places are visited by many tourists and they love spending their time in each one of these places. They feel very relaxed when they are enjoying the natural beauty of the Australian bush.

In Australia, there are many different places that you can go to for this purpose and if you like the idea of getting close to the natural beauty of this place, then you must try the bathing in Australia program that is designed for those people who love forest bathing in Australia. This program is made for adults as well as children and the reason behind its creation is to create a feeling of closeness and friendship among all the participants. You can also organize a family camping trip to Australia and you can choose some of the most beautiful and serene camps that you can afford.

Forest Bathing

So, if you are an enthusiast and would love to spend some days in the lap of nature, then you must try this program. Apart from providing you with a wonderful experience of bathing in Australia, you will also meet so many other people who love Australian bush life. This program will not only provide you with a lovely experience, but it will also strengthen your bond with nature. So, don’t think twice or three times before you take this program and enjoy the time with your family. It also provides you with a perfect opportunity to know so many people who are very fond of spending time near the flowing streams and lakes.

Forest Bathing in Sydney

The idea of a luxurious spa visit in New South Wales could be enough to make you want to go, but if you are like many holidaymakers, you will find a trip to the forest in Sydney a little more attractive. It is unusual to find a spa destination that is as remote as the Great Dividing Range, but this area does provide some wonderful opportunities for Sydney beach holidays. The natural environment and the breathtaking scenery give every Australian vacationer an experience that they will remember for a long time to come. To get there, take a short drive over the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or spend a few hours on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, looking out at the horizon. At about seven kilometers from the city center, you will reach the forest bathing in Sydney National Park, surrounded by lush forest and views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Harbour National Park
Sydney Harbour National Park, NSW, Australia

Many tourists often use this area as a starting point for their Sydney holiday, taking advantage of the various beaches, parks, reserves, and other attractions that are nearby. Forest bathing in Sydney has become a popular choice for spa holidays, especially for people who have special dietary requirements or allergies. This can make finding accommodations and food difficult, but the resort staff can make your stay very accommodating and enjoyable no matter what your needs. You can even use the many restaurants and cafes in the area to take advantage of free admission and breakfast during your stay.

Sydney Central Park
Sydney Central Park

A Forest Baths holiday is also popular for those who want to get out and see the sights of the city. There are many walking trails and destinations throughout the forest, including the Lady Bell Forest Reserve, which boasts many walks and nature programs, local art, and native gardens. Other destinations include Central Park, Sydney’s oldest public park and one of the city’s most prominent tourist attractions.

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Forest Bathing in Melbourne

Forest bathing is an art, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the environment. Melbournes offers you a lot of places to go for forest bathing, beaches, and other natural attractions like Dandenong Ranges National Park, the Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk and the Sherbrooke Forest. These places are the kind of hiking trails to enjoy after rain, which is the time when you can smell the aromas of the forest best. You will enjoy spectacular Mountain Ash trees, lush-green ferns, along the walk.

the Sherbrooke Forest
the Sherbrooke Forest

However, keep in mind that within a natural environment and moisture after rain, you may encounter hazards. You should make sure that you follow the water safety advice provided.

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Certification Program

This Certification Program is designed to help spread knowledge about this ancient activity. Since not all regions of the world have copious trees that could be used for such purposes, it is necessary to offer certifications that would certify people for sustainable practices. This program also seeks to inspire people to engage in such activities. As such, a forest bathing certification can serve as a stepping stone or certification for future professional growth within the field.

In addition to this, the certification can serve as a foundation for other wellness programs like therapeutic massages. Forest therapy has been found to provide complete and total healing as well as wellness for the body and mind. Because of this, practitioners training for this unique and alternative method of health counseling should also receive a certification as well. Attending an approved forest counseling session as well as a certified forest therapy workshop would prepare individuals for their careers as well as allow them to spread their knowledge about this alternative healing method.