Welcome to Bathurst, a historical jewel nestled in New South Wales. Known as the oldest inland settlement in Australia, Bathurst’s allure doesn’t stop at its vibrant history; it also boasts a spirited racing culture, being home to the famous Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit. However, Bathurst is not just about high-speed thrills and a captivating past; it’s also a wonderful destination for pet owners.

Bathurst’s pet-friendly culture stands out. It’s a city that believes our four-legged friends are just as much a part of the family as their human counterparts. From well-kept parks and trails to a plethora of pet-friendly accommodations and dining options, Bathurst extends a warm welcome to pets and their owners alike. As you journey through the city’s old-world charm and modern amenities, you’ll discover that Bathurst is the perfect backdrop for creating unforgettable memories with your beloved pet.

Bathurst’s Pet-Friendly Attractions and Activities

Bathurst offers a wide range of outdoor activities and attractions that both you and your pet can enjoy. Delight in the city’s natural beauty by taking a leisurely walk with your furry friend along the Macquarie River, which offers numerous pet-friendly walking paths and picnic spots.

Take your adventure a notch higher by visiting the Bathurst Regional Council Dog Off-Leash Area. This space allows your furry friend to run freely and interact with other dogs, all within a safe and controlled environment.

For history enthusiasts, the heritage-listed Bathurst Courthouse is a sight to behold. While pets may not be allowed inside, the surrounding gardens provide plenty of room for a relaxing stroll or a picnic.

Top 10 Pet-Friendly Accommodations in Bathurst

1. Bathurst Panorama Motor Inn

Established in the 1970s, this inn has a longstanding reputation for hospitality. Just a few minutes drive from the renowned Mount Panorama racing circuit, the Inn offers splendid views of Bathurst and the surrounding countryside. Pets are welcomed with special amenities including cozy beds and feeding bowls, with a dedicated pet-friendly area for their leisure.

2. Ben Chifley Motor Inn

This inn, named after the revered former Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley, boasts a tranquil environment on the banks of the Macquarie River. Offering a designated pet-friendly room, they ensure that your pet’s stay is as comfortable as your own. The proximity to the river allows for peaceful morning or evening walks with your pet.

3. Havannah Accommodation

Conveniently located just a few minutes’ drive from Bathurst’s city center, Havannah Accommodation provides a peaceful retreat with pet-friendly options. Each pet-friendly room comes with specific amenities for pets, ensuring a pleasant stay for your furry friend. The vast outdoor area provides plenty of room for your pet to stretch and play.

4. Bishop’s Court Estate

If you’re looking for a touch of history coupled with luxury, look no further. This award-winning boutique hotel is housed in a restored 1870’s chapel. Set on an acre of park-like grounds, it offers certain pet-friendly rooms, along with an expansive garden for your pet to explore.

5. Bathurst Explorers Motel

This family-run motel offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere to its guests. In addition to their pet-friendly rooms, an enclosed garden area ensures your pet has a safe space to roam. They make pets feel at home by welcoming them with a small treat upon check-in. The motel’s location, a short distance from Bathurst’s central business district, makes it an excellent base to explore the city.

6. Rydges Mount Panorama Bathurst

This stylish accommodation offers breathtaking views of the iconic Mount Panorama racetrack and Blue Mountains. Some of their pet-friendly rooms even come with a private balcony to enjoy the vista. Pets are treated with special bedding and feeding bowls to make their stay comfortable. Plus, the location offers numerous walking trails for both you and your pet to enjoy.

7. Quality Hotel Bathurst

Offering a blend of comfort and convenience, this modern hotel is situated near the city center and the picturesque Machattie Park, perfect for leisurely walks with your pet. They provide pet-friendly rooms equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure your pet’s comfort.

8. Abercrombie Motor Inn

Situated just off the Great Western Highway, this family-operated motel has been providing pet-friendly accommodation for over a decade. Pets are allowed in designated rooms, and there’s a spacious outdoor area for your pet to stretch its legs. Their convenient location is ideal for those looking to explore the city and its surroundings.

9. Littomore Hotels and Suites

Offering an array of apartment-style suites, this hotel provides home-like comfort for both you and your pet. They allow pets in specific rooms, equipped with all the necessities. The hotel is within walking distance of many pet-friendly parks, making it a superb choice for pet owners.

10. Country Lodge Motor Inn

This cozy inn offers both convenience and comfort. Its pet-friendly rooms provide all the essentials to ensure your pet feels at home. Set on the quieter outskirts of Bathurst, the inn provides ample green space for walks, yet it’s just a short drive away from the bustling city center.

Choosing Your Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Bathurst

When planning your trip to Bathurst, selecting the right pet-friendly accommodation is essential. Here are some factors you need to consider:

  • Pet Policy: Each accommodation will have its unique set of rules regarding pets. Some may allow pets in all areas, while others might restrict them to specific sections of the property.
  • Amenities: Look for accommodations that provide pet-specific amenities, such as pet beds, feeding bowls, and doggie treats.
  • Location: Proximity to parks, trails, or pet-friendly eateries can make your stay more enjoyable.

Remember, while Bathurst is a pet-loving city, it’s important to respect each accommodation’s pet policies. This ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for everyone.

Preparing Your Pet for the Bathurst Adventure

Before you head out to Bathurst, it’s essential to prepare your furry friend for the journey. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure your pet is comfortable with travel. Start with short trips and gradually increase the duration to help them adjust.
  • Pack essentials like pet food, a leash, toys, bedding, and a first aid kit. Don’t forget to bring enough water for your pet, especially during summer.
  • Keep your pet’s medical records and necessary medications handy.
  • Update your pet’s ID tag or microchip details to include your current contact information.

In Bathurst, it’s crucial to observe local pet etiquette and regulations. Dogs should be on a leash in public areas unless specified otherwise, and remember to clean up after your pet.

Conclusion: Your Pet-Friendly Bathurst Adventure Awaits

From its rich history to pet-friendly accommodations and parks, Bathurst offers a unique experience for you and your pet. The key to a successful pet-friendly vacation is planning and choosing the right accommodation. Make sure to respect each establishment’s pet policies to ensure a pleasant stay. So, why wait? Pack your bags, grab your furry friend, and embark on an unforgettable Bathurst adventure.

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