Immerse yourself in the dazzling allure of the Gold Coast, a paradise that offers more than just golden sand and sparkling surf. Greet the morning sun at the iconic Surfers Paradise, lose yourself in the labyrinthine charm of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, and ride the adrenaline wave at the world-renowned theme parks, Dreamworld and Sea World. Spend tranquil afternoons exploring the quaint hinterland villages or meandering through the bustling beachfront markets. As the day fades, indulge in the vibrant nightlife or find serenity under a starlit sky. This haven of natural beauty and adventure also embraces your furry companions, with an array of pet-friendly accommodations ensuring that every member of your family can enjoy the Gold Coast’s welcoming warmth. Here are some of the top pet-friendly eco accommodations on the Gold Coast.

Top Pet-Friendly Accommodation on the Gold Coast Hinterland

1. Red Gum Cottage

Tucked away in the verdant bushland of Tamborine Mountain, Red Gum Cottage offers the ideal respite for a tranquil escape to the Gold Coast Hinterland. This charming property is perfectly positioned, mere minutes away from the mountain’s myriad attractions – enchanting rainforest walks, cozy cafes, delightful restaurants, exquisite wineries, the adventurous Thunderbird Park, and a host of unique mountain shops. Moreover, the property is conveniently located just a 20-minute drive from the popular theme park attractions on the Gold Coast.

Radiating elegance, Red Gum Cottage is beautifully presented, boasting the convenience of modern living. High-quality furnishings and fittings adorn the property, creating an ambience of refined comfort. This stunning cottage is perfectly suited for up to 5 guests, with the capacity to accommodate a sixth guest using the fold-away bed, making it an ideal choice for a weekend getaway, a single night’s sojourn, or a longer stay.

Guests can unwind on the expansive decking, absorbing the serene bushland views that stretch out before them, making Red Gum Cottage a truly remarkable sanctuary in the heart of the Gold Coast Hinterland.

2. Treasure on Tamborine

Nestled in tranquility, this modern farmhouse-style home promises a resplendently private escape. One can easily envision lounging on the balcony, lulled by the gentle trickle of water, the caress of a flowing breeze, and the intermittent chirping of birds.

Each room boasts its own bathroom, ensuring privacy and convenience. A clawfoot bathtub awaits, ready to transform an ordinary evening into a romantic interlude or to host splashing, laughter-filled baths for the young ones.

This home is the epitome of luxury, meticulously designed to cater to every nuanced need. It situates guests right in the heart of Tamborine Mountain’s offerings – the vibrant ‘Gallery Walk’ and the lush ‘Botanical Gardens’ are merely a minute’s drive away. This exquisite abode ensures guests are never far from the pulsating rhythm of life, yet always enveloped in a serene atmosphere.

3. Farmstay, Scenic Rim, Perfect family getaway

Unwind and renew at Farmstay, Scenic Rim, Perfect family getaway” a contemporary, fully air-conditioned farmhouse nestled within the expansive landscape of a working Santa Gertrudis cattle farm. Encompassing a sprawling 50 acres of the undulating Cainbable Valley, this destination resides within the acclaimed Scenic Rim Region of South East Queensland.

This modern gem, an architectural marvel erected in 2017, comprises four well-appointed bedrooms. The design thoughtfully amplifies the panoramas, offering an enchanting view at every turn. Here, guests can immerse themselves in rural tranquility while relishing the comforts of modern living – a seamless blend of relaxation and rejuvenation that awaits.

4. Springbrook25 Pet-friendly House

Nestled on the stunning Springbrook plateau, Springbrook25 offers a serene retreat meticulously designed to enhance your stay. This purpose-built edifice features two self-contained apartments that effortlessly blend security and luxury.

Every necessity has been thoughtfully catered for; all that guests need to pack are their preferred food, beverages, and a few warm layers to adjust to the elevation – the plateau, standing at 800m, is a refreshing 6 degrees cooler than the Gold Coast.

In a world that is often too fast and too loud, Springbrook25 emerges as a sanctuary of tranquility. It’s a haven that offers respite from the hustle and bustle, allowing guests to breathe, relax, and simply enjoy the moment. Here, you can truly escape from it all.

5. Old Saint Johns Church

Old Saint John’s invites you to experience a touch of divine luxury, nestled in the heart of the Gold Coast Hinterland. This former church, now converted into a two-bedroom self-contained sanctuary, offers the perfect retreat for those in search of a serene and romantic escape.

The property whispers the tales of its past, yet provides all the comforts of modern living. One could easily lose hours on the back deck, ensconced in the intoxicating scent of tropical blooms from the garden, a year-round delight that is truly “Close to Heaven.”

Located amidst the majesty of the Gold Coast hinterlands, Old Saint John’s offers close proximity to the renowned Lamington National Park, Binna Burra, and O’Reilly’s Resorts. For the adventurers at heart, hundreds of walking trails and rainforest walks lie waiting, offering explorations through the whispers of the wilderness.

6. Mountain View Escape

Cradled in the verdant embrace of the Wongawallan Valley, the Mountain View Retreat offers a tranquil sanctuary, a mere 30-minute journey from the vibrant pulse of Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast Hinterland. A scenic 15-minute drive whisks you away to Tambourine Mountain’s renowned gallery walk, a feast for the senses and the soul.

The surroundings beckon with the allure of rainforest beauty, inviting you for languid walks or adventurous explorations. The lure of the beach calls, whispering tales of golden sands and gentle waves. The tantalizing food and wine trail waits to be discovered, promising indulgence and delights for the palette. Nearby theme parks spark excitement and joy, a contrast to the serene tranquility of your retreat.

Whether your heart yearns for exploration or yearns for the soothing rhythm of doing very little, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the beautiful expanse that is the Mountain View Retreat.

7. Tamborine Palms Farmhouse

Find peace in the rhythm of farm life at Tamborine Palms Farmhouse, where each day brings the gift of serenity. Picture yourself reclining on the patio, as kangaroos amble by against the backdrop of breathtaking valley views. The sky, painted in hues of an ever-changing palette, heralds the arrival of magnificent sunsets, transforming the landscape into a piece of living art.

An expansive playground of natural beauty beckons the young ones, sparking their imagination as they run and explore. Dip your toes in the cool water for a refreshing swim, or lose yourself in the pages of a book as you sway gently in a hammock, lulled by the soft whisper of the breeze.

Practice your swing with a few golf balls or simply cherish a quiet moment with a warm cuppa on the swing, overlooking the serene dam. As dusk descends, gather around the firepit or the pizza oven. Amid the crackle of firewood and the aroma of baking pizza, create cherished memories with friends and family. Tamborine Palms Farmhouse invites you to leave the hustle of city life behind and immerse yourself in the soothing symphony of nature.

Top Pet-Friendly Accommodation on the Gold Coast 

8. Exotic Balinese Tropical Retreat w/ Magical Oasis

Embodying a blend of contemporary Balinese allure and modern elegance, this tranquil tropical haven invites relaxation and escape. Meander through the award-winning, resort-style gardens to discover a spacious, covered outdoor entertaining area. Here, overlooking the captivating free-form pool and the adjacent elevated spa, one can truly appreciate the essence of this retreat.

Imagine pouring a cocktail, as the breathtaking Gold Coast skyline unfurls before you, painting an unforgettable backdrop. The laughter and joy of children echo as they engage in endless fun, while you soak in the captivating surroundings. This is more than a vacation destination – it’s the embodiment of the perfect family holiday getaway, a slice of paradise where cherished memories are woven.

9. Gold Coast Floating Home, Beach, Restaurants, Pets

Drift into the realm of luxury at Mariner’s Cove, the crown jewel of Gold Coast’s vibrant entertainment scene. The grandeur of this two-storey floating haven unfurls to reveal sweeping vistas of crystalline waters, a panorama that is both captivating and tranquil. With the sandy beaches, gourmet dining spots, and bustling shops just a stone’s throw away, convenience and pleasure interweave seamlessly here.

This spacious aquatic retreat, comfortably hosting four to six guests, is the perfect sanctuary for adult groups and pet owners. Here, they can immerse in an array of exhilarating watersports and activities or chart their own adventures with their jetski. It’s worth noting that this serene haven is not recommended for children under five.

A leisurely stroll of a mere 300 metres will lead guests to the inviting expanse of the beach, where the waves’ gentle lullaby and the sand’s warm embrace create a symphony of relaxation. Mariner’s Cove extends an invitation to indulge in the sublime beauty and endless enjoyment that is etched into every corner of this floating paradise.

10. Spacious 4-Bedroom Waterfront Home With A Pool

Behold the magnificence of this splendid four-bedroom waterfront home, offering unparalleled views of the Surfers Paradise. It’s the quintessential haven for family stays in the heart of the Gold Coast.

This residence brims with expansive spaces, inviting the joy of unhurried moments and shared memories. Submerge in the allure of the secluded pool and spa, nestled amidst lush tropical greenery and rugged rocks, a sanctuary where one can resonate with nature’s harmonic rhythms.

The property’s shaded alfresco area provides the perfect vista for watching over children frolicking in the pool. Further on, the rear deck unfolds as the idyllic setting for family meals, where a panorama of water and skyline views await, painting the canvas of the day and night.

And for those seeking adventure, the jetty harbours kayaks, ever ready to navigate through the serpentine canals. Experience the tranquillity of the waterways as you paddle under the vast, azure sky. This remarkable waterfront home truly encapsulates a sensory retreat, a place where every moment spent is a testament to the beauty of the Gold Coast.

We’ve traversed the shimmering shores and hinterland hideaways of the Gold Coast, handpicking the finest accommodations that warmly welcome your beloved pets. Each selected property not only offers exceptional service and amenities but also ensures a hospitable environment for your furry friends. As you explore these accommodations, we hope you find the perfect home away from home that caters to your every need, and paves the way for an unforgettable holiday. Happy exploring, and here’s to a fantastic holiday ahead!