My Pick on Top 10 Romantic Accommodations in WA

Western Australia, with its vast landscapes, pristine beaches, and untouched wilderness, holds a treasure trove of hidden gems perfect for those seeking a romantic escape. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, planning a surprise getaway, or simply looking to reconnect with your loved one, this region offers a myriad of enchanting spots. In this article, we’ll gently guide you through the top 10 romantic accommodations in Western Australia, ensuring your next retreat is filled with love, serenity, and unforgettable memories.

Best Secluded Romantic Getaways in WA

1. Hidden Valley Forest Retreat

Hidden Valley Forest Retreat

Find serenity enveloped in luxury at Hidden Valley Forest Retreat. Imagine the comforting embrace of an outdoor spa bath or the warmth of a wood fire on a chilly winter’s day, evoking feelings of deep tranquility. Nestled within a lush native forest, the retreat’s chalets are thoughtfully spaced out, ensuring privacy amidst nature’s embrace. This exquisite retreat stands in a unique pocket of bushland, part of the globally recognized bio-diverse Western Australian forest.

The accommodations are crafted with meticulous attention, reflecting the sheer beauty of their surroundings. With contemporary designs and materials that resonate with nature’s elegance, Hidden Valley Forest Retreat offers a sublime immersion into the pristine forested world.

Address: 162 Haag Rd, Carbunup River WA 6280
Phone: (08) 6383 9890

2. Olio Bello Lakeside Glamping

Olio Bello Lakeside Glamping

Whisk Yourself Away to Gentle Luxury in Margaret River… At the nexus of the ocean and olive groves, let Olio Bello transport you to a realm where nature serenades and time gracefully pauses. Set within a sprawling 320-acre certified organic olive farm in the heart of Margaret River, Olio Bello beckons with 16 elegantly-appointed safari-style glamping bungalows. These sanctuaries sit by a serene lake, embraced by rolling landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and over 8000 whispering olive trees. All of this tranquil beauty is but moments away from esteemed wineries and the untouched beaches of WA’s Margaret River region.

Address: 36 Armstrong Rd, Cowaramup WA 6284
Phone: (08) 9755 9771

3. Bina Maya Yallingup Escape

Amidst 7.5 acres of Australia’s tranquil native bushland on Wadandi Boodja (the realm of the Saltwater people) lies the serene Bina Maya Yallingup Escape. This award-winning self-catering haven cherishes the embrace of the forest and the gentle play of light. Its luxury accommodations – Villa One, Villa Two, and Residence – crafted by Adrian Zorzi between 2018 and 2022, unfold as spacious sanctuaries with minimalist elegance and comforting warmth. Thoughtfully designed for the eco-aware traveler, Bina Maya warmly welcomes all – be it couples, solo wanderers, groups of friends, or families – into its gentle embrace.

Address: 51 Bina Pl, Quedjinup WA 6281
Phone: 0406 589 225

4. Karijini Eco Retreat

Karijini Eco Retreat

Nestled deep within Australia’s vast landscape, Karijini Eco Retreat emerges as a beacon of eco-conscious travel. Located a tranquil 1,500km north of Perth in WA’s expansive second-largest national park, this retreat unveils a harmonious blend of safari-style eco tents, cabins, and campsites, all gracefully tucked amidst native bushland at the cusp of Joffre Gorge (Jijingunha). An outback restaurant and bar provide sustenance, while nearby trails and guided tours offer explorative adventures.

Whether you wish to dream under a canopy of stars at the campground or indulge in the comfort of the retreat’s glamping accommodations, know that Karijini Eco Retreat remains the sole sanctuary offering such an exquisite glamping experience in the heart of Karijini National Park.

Address: National Park, Savannah Campground, off Weano Rd, Karijini WA 6751
Phone: (08) 9286 1731

Couple Weekend Romantic Getaways in WA’s Wine Region

5. Cape Lodge

Cape Lodge

Nestled in the heart of Western Australia’s Margaret River wine expanse, Cape Lodge emerges as an oasis of luxury. Surrounded by its very own vineyard, it evokes the charm of a secluded country estate, complemented by the amenities and elegance of a top-tier boutique hotel.

Ideally situated amidst the renowned wine havens of Margaret River, Cape Lodge beckons to those in search of a chic, intimate retreat. It’s a haven for connoisseurs with a penchant for exquisite food and wine. With esteemed neighbors like Vasse Felix, Moss Wood, Pierro, and Cullen, the lodge revels in illustrious company.

Set upon 40 acres of meticulously landscaped parkland and picturesque lakes, Cape Lodge also boasts an 8-acre vineyard, cradling guests in nature’s embrace.

Address: 3341 Caves Rd, Yallingup WA 6282
Phone: (08) 9755 6311

6. Empire Spa Retreat

EMPIRE Retreat offers a serene sanctuary, especially curated for adults seeking refuge from the hustle of today’s world. Cradled within 265 acres of peaceful meadows, untouched bushland, and the distinctive Empire Estate vineyard, this retreat becomes a haven of tranquility.

With eleven thoughtfully designed guest rooms, each ensures unparalleled privacy. Every suite is a testament to the luxury emblematic of EMPIRE’s ethos. The gentle glow of subdued lighting, the rustic charm of natural stone and timber, and the embrace of the finest linens and plush furnishings invite guests into a realm of relaxation.

Rooted in history, the suites and villas radiate from the original farmhouse, constructed from timber and stone sourced directly from the estate. This farmhouse, unique to the Yallingup Margaret River Region, houses an atrium-styled dining room and a welcoming entertaining space, complete with a crackling open fireplace.

Address: 1958 Caves Rd, Yallingup WA 6281
Phone: (08) 9755 2065

7. Maya Maya at Mandoon Estate

Maya Maya at Mandoon Estate

At Maya Maya, let the essence of luxury serve as your haven while you explore the splendors of Mandoon Estate and the Swan Valley region. This secluded sanctuary boasts 32 exquisitely designed rooms, offering views of the storied Verdelho vines, planted in 1895, and the tranquil banks of the Swan River.

With a team of warm and well-informed experts ready to assist, curating your ideal retreat becomes an effortless endeavor. Whether you’re drawn to a day of relaxation accompanied by a sumptuous lunch at our venues, a delightful journey of gourmet delights and art galleries throughout the Valley, or an adventurous day of bush walking and mountain biking in the neighboring national parks, everything will be meticulously arranged for you.

Address: 10 Harris Rd, Caversham WA 6055
Phone: (08) 6279 0555

My Favourite Romantic Beach Getaways in WA

8. Berkeley River Lodge

Berkeley River Lodge

Amidst the untouched beauty of one of Earth’s last true wilderness regions, between the gentle dawns of the Timor Sea and the soft hues of Berkeley River sunsets, lies an oasis of refined luxury and breathtaking adventure.

The Berkeley offers Australia’s most secluded luxury lodge experience, where the journey itself, only possible by air, is a significant part of the adventure. Here, modern complexities melt away, allowing guests to sync with nature’s soothing tempo from the comfort of their luxurious villa, gracefully perched upon coastal dunes. Join the select few who get to witness these mesmerizing wilderness vistas, be it through a serene river cruise or an exhilarating helicopter flight.

Address: Berkeley River, WA 6740
Phone: (08) 7922 6198

9. Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

The sand warmly embraces your feet, the local birds serenade the day, and a gentle golden sunlight bathes the landscape.

Welcome to Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef, where a luxury safari-style tent awaits to be your home. The vast expanses of the Cape Range National Park, the endless stretches of the Indian Ocean, and the mesmerizing tapestry of a starry sky are all yours to cherish.

In this haven, the hands of the clock seem to move more leisurely. It’s a rare chance to step away from daily duties and rhythms, to deeply commune with the natural world, and perhaps, rediscover oneself.

The essence of the Sal Salis experience cradles and transforms you, inspiring a renewed sense of purpose and exploration. It’s about harmoniously intertwining with the land and its rhythms.

Address: Yardie Creek Rd, Cape Range National Park WA 6707
Phone: (08) 9949 1776

10. Pullman Bunker Bay Resort Margaret River

A serene journey just over three hours south of Perth brings you to the tranquil embrace of Pullman Bunker Bay Resort. Tucked gently against the pristine white sands of Bunker Bay, this 5-star retreat in the Margaret River Region is a haven of absolute beachfront serenity with direct access to the shore. It’s a space for rejuvenation, relaxation, and reconnection. The neighboring charm of Dunsborough, Yallingup, and the famed Margaret River wine region beckons exploration. Dive enthusiasts will find the crystal waters of Geographe Bay, a mere hour away, irresistible.

With the gentle whispers of the Bunker Bay waves nearby and the rich offerings of Geographe Bay and the Margaret River wine region within reach, the Pullman Bunker Bay Resort stands as a perfect sanctuary for those seeking a peaceful escape.

Address: 42 Bunker Bay Road Off, Cape Naturaliste Rd, Naturaliste WA 6281
Phone: (08) 9756 9100

Farewell from the West Coast

We’ve wandered from the pristine beaches of the Indian Ocean to the rugged terrains of the Outback and the tranquil vineyards of Margaret River. Western Australia’s vast expanse offers lovers an unparalleled romantic sanctuary, with each getaway weaving its own tale of romance. Whether you’re imagining an evening under the desert stars or a cozy beachfront chalet, Western Australia awaits, ready to etch unforgettable memories. So, how about setting your compass westward for a WA escapade? Your dreamy romantic haven is just a reservation away.

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