Top 6 Treehouse Accommodation in Victoria

Picture this: you’re nestled among the emerald canopy, listening to the gentle rustle of eucalyptus leaves as the sweet scent of the Australian bush fills your nostrils. You’re lounging comfortably in your very own treehouse, a hidden retreat woven seamlessly into the heart of nature. Sound like a dream? Well, buckle up, my intrepid readers, because this dream is about to come true.

Welcome to the enchanting world of treehouse living, a concept that combines the wild heart of camping with the comfort of luxury accommodation. It’s a chance to reconnect with nature, but with a delightfully whimsical twist. These aren’t the humble treehouses of our childhood, oh no. They’re architectural wonders, equipped with all the modern amenities you could wish for, all while being cradled by the loving arms of Mother Nature.

And where better to experience the magic of treehouse living than in the diverse landscapes of Victoria, Australia? From the bustling heart of Melbourne to the rugged beauty of the Grampians, the crashing waves of the Great Ocean Road to the tranquil waters of the Murray River, Victoria’s got it all.

So, grab your adventurous spirit (and a cuppa, if you fancy), and let’s embark on an extraordinary journey to discover the top treehouse accommodations in Victoria, Australia. Each one holds a unique charm and offers an unforgettable experience. Ready? Let’s swing into the adventure!

Top Treehouse Accommodations in Victoria

1. DULC Cabins

DULC Cabins

Nestled amidst the stunning Grampians bushland, you’ll find DULC – a collection of chic, architect-designed cabins that come in both single and two-storey layouts.

These completely private, beautifully elegant cabins serve as picture-perfect hideaways, designed with an eco-conscious perspective. Adorned with raw, rough-sawn timbers, polished concrete and wooden floors, and floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s a place you’ll find quite hard to say goodbye to.

A visit to the unique DULC treehouse in Halls Gap is an experience not to be missed. With its stylish minimalist decor, authentic raw materials, and impressive bush picture windows, it’s a stunning and secluded haven that promises an unforgettable stay.

This roomy one-bedroom “treehouse” is tucked away in privacy, offering panoramic views of the surrounding bushland. Glass doors usher you onto your own deck, whilst loft spaces provide a peaceful retreat for some quiet time. And let’s not forget the spa bath – it’s the perfect spot for lazing around and sky-gazing through a full glass ceiling. The Treehouse Cabin at DULC truly is an extraordinary haven of tranquillity.

Address: Thryptomene Ct, Halls Gap VIC 3381

2. Clifftop at Hepburn

Clifftop at Hepburn

Nestled in the heart of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs, Clifftop at Hepburn stands as an emblem of world-class luxury. Voted as the top choice among 40,000 holiday homes across Australia, this stunning accommodation offers an experience like no other.

Each five-star villa is a masterpiece featuring two bedrooms and two bathrooms, furnished with indoor and outdoor daybeds, decks, stone baths, fireplaces, washplane sinks, and the unique addition of a Lovebirds spa and pinball machine. The villas are also equipped with a large television, striking architecture, and king-size beds draped in French linen. Mood lighting enhances the opulence of the rooms, and there’s even what’s considered the world’s best massage chair.

The extraordinary allure of Clifftop at Hepburn is further magnified by the towering windows that frame breathtaking panoramic views. These views sweep from the site of an old pine forest, plunge down a dramatic cliff face, and roll onto the native bushland below. It is more than just a luxurious accommodation; it is a sanctuary dedicated to wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Guests can revel in the epitome of luxury while lounging at Clifftop at Hepburn.

Address: 209/219 Main Rd, Hepburn VIC 3461

3. Belle Le Vie

Belle Le Vie

Belle Le Vie Luxury Bed and Breakfast provides a lavish retreat that marries French boutique elegance with the rustic charm of the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley. Located conveniently close to Melbourne CBD, this accommodation is an ideal escape from city hustle.

Built in the 1920s under the name Woorilla Cottages, this establishment originally served as a guest house where soldiers could recover. Over the years, the purpose of Woorilla Cottages evolved and, along with a significant transformation, the property was rechristened as Belle Le Vie.

Embodying the essence of ‘the Beautiful Life’, Belle Le Vie presents a distinctive romantic accommodation experience. It’s nestled amidst a lush national rainforest and seasonal mature gardens, providing a picturesque setting for relaxation. Guests can venture out to explore the adjoining forest and discover the natural spring flowing in the nearby creek, further enhancing the unique charm of Belle Le Vie.

Address: 77 Hilton Rd, Sassafras VIC 3787

4. Monreale House

Monreale House

Tucked away in the heart of Sassafras, amidst the picturesque Dandenong Ranges, lies Monreale House. This charming gem, built in 1923, has served as a guest house for most of its lifetime, with lovely cottages added to the property in the late nineties along with exquisite enhancements to the well-established gardens.

The four guest cottages, nestled amongst the vibrant gardens, offer the utmost privacy. They’re the perfect havens to kick back, relax, and soak up the stunning beauty of the surrounding nature.

Nestled in a rainforest gully, Monreale House is a haven for bird watchers. With a myriad of bird species flitting in and out of the property each day, one can easily sit back and enjoy their colourful display from the comfort of the cottage. If luck is on your side, you might even spot a Lyrebird strolling by, leaving its mark in the most artistic way. And as twilight descends, keep your eyes peeled for local wombats, possums, wallabies and deer ambling through.

Address: 81 The Crescent, Sassafras VIC 3787

5. Qdos

Enveloped within each Qdos Treehouse is a peaceful Japanese sanctuary, mirroring the aesthetic vision of esteemed ceramicist and sculptor, Graeme Wilkie. These treehouses find themselves tucked amidst an evocative sculpture garden, where towering Eucalyptus trees reach skyward, seeking to touch the blue expanse above.

There are five distinct treehouses at Qdos, each welcoming guests with tailor-made furniture, captivating paintings, and intricate ceramics – a proud testament to the creative talents fostered at the Qdos Arts studio. These havens of tranquility flaunt elegant ensuites and Japanese-style sitting areas, each with private sundecks that invite lingering, ensconced in the soothing serenade of surrounding nature.

Included in the stay is a delectable daily breakfast, served with care at the Qdos Arts Cafe. Guests can relish fresh eggs from the resident chickens and savour the luscious poached fruits and vibrant greens, plucked from the kitchen garden.

Following a nourishing meal, guests can journey through the art gallery, explore the enchanting garden, or embark on a rejuvenating bushwalk. A leisurely 15-minute amble leads to the vibrant town centre and the inviting beach. At Qdos Treehouses, the focus is on providing absolute wellbeing and rejuvenation, all within the arms of this eco-conscious retreat.

Address: 35 Allenvale Rd, Lorne VIC 3232

6. Arcadia Cottages

Arcadia Cottages presents a delightful retreat for couples, offering four distinct cottages, all secreted away within three acres of lush, forested gardens.

These award-winning havens situate themselves in Olinda, on the top of Mount Dandenong, just to the east of Melbourne. Arcadia Cottages enjoys a quieter locale, off the bustling tourist path, yet only 400 metres from the charming villages of Olinda and Mount Dandenong. Here, around 12 delectable dining options await exploration.

Each cottage bestows its unique charm with a cosy log fire and light-filled conservatory. Two cottages feature indulgent spa baths, while the other two boast a rustic cedar hot tub spa. And, to top it all off, a bountiful breakfast awaits in the cottage, ready for guests to savour at their own leisurely pace. The tranquillity and comfort of Arcadia Cottages beckons all couples seeking a truly serene escape.

Address: 188-190 Falls Road (enter from, Monash Ave, Olinda VIC 3788

Staying in a treehouse is an invitation to connect with nature on a deeper level, to wake up to the melodic songs of birds, to witness wildlife from a unique vantage point, and to find serenity under a canopy of stars. It’s a chance to rekindle childhood dreams of tree-dwelling adventures while enjoying the comforts and luxuries of well-crafted, eco-friendly design

So, whether you’re a weary city-dweller seeking a restful escape, a nature enthusiast eager to explore Victoria’s biodiversity, or a romantic soul looking for an unusual getaway, treehouse living provides an enchanting experience you won’t forget.

We invite you to take a step into the extraordinary, to ascend into the branches and discover the enchantment of treehouse living in Victoria. We promise it’s an experience that will elevate your understanding of what it means to truly connect with the natural world. Uncover the magic that waits in the treetops – your treehouse adventure awaits.

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