Top Treehouse Accommodations in the UK

Imagine waking up to the soft whispering of the wind, as it dances through the leaves, the morning sun casting long, playful shadows on your cosy tree-perched retreat. A cuppa in hand, you breathe in the pure, fresh air and gaze out at the misty, early morning view from your lofty perch. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, welcome to the enchanting world of treehouse accommodations!

Treehouses aren’t just for the little ones anymore; they’ve grown up, featuring all the luxuries and comforts you’d expect from a top-notch holiday accommodation, but with an added sprinkle of fairy-tale magic. They offer a unique blend of adventure and tranquillity, a chance to disconnect from the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature.

In this article, we’re about to embark on a whimsical journey across the UK, exploring some of the top treehouse accommodations that the country has to offer. From the sun-kissed shores of South England to the wild, rugged landscapes of Scotland and the lush, green valleys of Wales, we’ve got a treehouse for every taste and every traveller.

So, ready your virtual hiking boots, adventurous spirit, and love for all things cosy and quaint. It’s time to climb up to the treetops and discover a whole new world of holiday fun that’s waiting for you. Let’s start our adventure, shall we?

Treehouse Accommodations in South England

Oh, the charm of South England! With its historic cities, picture-postcard villages, and stunning coastlines, it’s the perfect setting for some unique and enchanting treehouse accommodations. Let’s explore five of them, shall we?

1. Hudnalls Hideout, Wye Valley

Nestled in a picturesque, two-acre wood in the Wye Valley, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the border of Wales and England, Hudnalls Hideout is a top-notch treehouse escape. Here, you’ll find complete seclusion, with private access to a meadow bursting with wildflowers and easy access to endless woodland. It’s a popular romantic getaway, offering everything you need for a luxury stay, including food hampers delivered straight to your treehouse​​.

2. The Treehouse at Harptree Court, Somerset

How about a bath in a copper tub amidst the trees? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? At Harptree Treehouse, you’ll find this and more. It’s a modern treehouse complete with a plush double bed, wood-burning stove, and fully-equipped kitchen. The nearby Mendip Hills and the cities of Bath and Bristol are perfect for day trips, although the huge terrace may just tempt you to stay put​​.

3. Treetops Treehouse, Devon

If you’re looking for something straight out of a children’s book, Treetops Treehouse is your pick. Built around a 250-year-old oak tree at odd angles, this magical spot sleeps four and offers a kitchen, copper bath and shower, lounge, and terrace. Overlooking Eggesford Forest and nestled between Exmoor and Dartmoor national parks, it’s a fantastic base to explore the surrounding area​​.

4. Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall

Tiny but utterly charming, Tree Sparrow House is nestled in the trees of southern Cornwall. Suitable for two, this cosy and quirky treehouse features a double bed on a mezzanine level and a small kitchen and washroom below. Just a ten-minute walk from the beach, it’s perfect for those who wish to escape modern life and embrace the wilderness​​.

5. Chewton Glen Treehouse, Hampshire

For those looking for luxury, Chewton Glen Treehouse is the answer. More of a luxury hotel on stilts than a traditional treehouse, it offers suites in the forest canopy with panoramic views, breakfast hampers served to your door, and giant terraces – some even come with a private hot tub. Located right by England’s beautiful south coast and the New Forest National Park, it’s an indulgence you won’t forget​​.

Phew! Aren’t these places just dreamy? So, which one tickles your fancy? Or perhaps, like me, you’re itching to visit them all! But hold your horses, we’ve still got more to explore. Next stop: North England!

Treehouse Accommodations in North England

1. The Treehouse at Harptree Court, Somerset

This luxury treehouse offers a unique stay with its copper bath, a plush double bed, a wood-burning stove, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The treehouse is secluded and sleeps two people. The nearby Mendip Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and cities Bath and Bristol make ideal day trips. However, with the huge terrace, you may find it hard to leave the treehouse at all​​.

2. Treetops Treehouse, Devon

Built around a 250-year-old oak tree, Treetops Treehouse is a magical getaway. It can accommodate up to four people, and it comes with a kitchen, a copper bath and shower, a lounge, and a terrace. The treehouse overlooks Eggesford Forest and is conveniently located between Exmoor and Dartmoor national parks, making it a great base for exploring the surrounding area​​.

3. Sky Den, Northumberland

Sky Den is not your typical treehouse. Its ingenious design includes lots of nifty fold-away furniture and space-saving features. It sleeps four comfortably, and its crowning glory is the triangular roof, which can open up to leave you free to the great outdoors. The treehouse is set in Northumberland’s Kielder Water & Forest Park, which offers plenty of adventurous activities and wildlife spotting opportunities​.

4. Rufus’s Roost Treehouse at The Hideaway, North Yorkshire

This treehouse can accommodate up to six guests and offers stunning views of the Yorkshire countryside. It is located in the same woodland as the 14th-century Baxby Manor. Although it feels hidden away, it is close to many of Yorkshire’s highlights, including the North York Moors National Park, the Yorkshire Dales, and York city centre is just a 17-mile drive away​​.

Treehouse Accommodations in Scotland

1. Fernie Castle Treehouse, Fife

This treehouse, built in a cluster of sycamore trees, offers a fairytale-like experience with its turreted roof and high position among the foliage. The decor features fairies and mythical creatures painted on the walls. It offers a large bedroom with a king-size bed and three balconies. Guests also have the freedom to explore the grounds of Fernie Castle below​​.

2. Tree Howf at Craighead Howfs, Perthshire

The Tree Howf looks more like a medieval castle than a treehouse. However, staying here affords a luxury ‘glamping’ experience complete with a shower on site, wood-burning oven for cooking, and a perfectly situated balcony offering views over the Ochil Hills. Wildlife lovers will especially enjoy Tree Howf, with plenty of birdlife, ponies, pygmy goats, and Ryeland sheep (looked after by the site’s owners) roaming the area​​.

Treehouse Accommodations in Wales

1. Hudnalls Hideout, Wye Valley

This treehouse is placed in a picturesque, two-acre wood in the Wye Valley, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the border of Wales and England. It offers complete seclusion with no neighboring treehouse guests. You will have private access to a meadow filled with wildflowers and easy access to the local village pub and the Forest of Dean. Most every luxury you could need to complete your stay can be dropped off at the treehouse prior to your arrival, including luxury food hampers​​.

2. The Living Room Treehouses, Powys

Located in the heart of north Wales, just south of Snowdonia, this is a group of six curved pods set in the treetops. Each pod is designed for a couple or family of four, and they each have a kitchen, living area, bathroom facilities, and terrace. These treehouses are so isolated that once you arrive, you are taken by the owners on a short hike through the forest to reach them. This is an off-the-grid experience that is ideal for lovers of the outdoors​​.

3. Mistletoe Treehouse, Monmouthshire

The Mistletoe Treehouse is located in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, high up in the trees. You’ll be staying in the only treehouse on site, which feels like it’s a million miles away from city living. More information on this treehouse is required for a complete description​​.


Treehouse living offers an unparalleled escape from the ordinary and a unique opportunity to reconnect with the natural world. Each region in the UK brings its own charm and allure, promising a memorable retreat from daily life.

In the rolling greenery of South England, treehouse accommodations provide a delightful fusion of luxury and nature, with locations that offer you the chance to wake up to breathtaking views and spend your days exploring ancient forests or taking in the stunning coastline.

Meanwhile, the North of England boasts a mix of innovative design and rich history, with treehouses offering a blend of modern comforts and rustic charm. Here, you can soak in panoramic views of the Yorkshire countryside, or find yourself amidst a fairytale setting in a turreted treehouse in Fife.

Scotland’s treehouses, with their dramatic landscapes and unique designs, offer a truly enchanting experience. Whether it’s soaking in the views of the Loch Lomond National Park from your private hot tub or spending the evening by the fire in a cosy woodland retreat, there’s a sense of magic in the air.

Wales, known for its rugged coastline and mountainous national parks, offers a selection of treehouses that allow you to truly immerse yourself in these beautiful surroundings. From secluded pods deep in the woods to treehouses overlooking the expansive coastline, the connection to nature is ever-present.

In conclusion, treehouse living in the UK provides a diverse range of experiences, each with its own unique charm. Whether you seek seclusion or community, adventure or tranquillity, there is a treehouse for you. It’s a unique way of living that combines comfort, connection to nature, and a sense of wonder, providing a truly unforgettable experience.

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