My Top Pick of the Top Treehouse Accommodations in Montville, Sunshine Coast

Welcome to the enchanting heights of Montville, nestled within the stunning expanse of the Sunshine Coast, QLD, where the allure of treehouse living beckons travelers seeking a tranquil escape. Picture yourself aloft amidst the gentle rustle of the leaves, enveloped in a serene cocoon high above the ground, where the worries of the world softly fade into the soothing sounds of nature. In this curated journey through the top treehouse accommodations, we invite you to explore these elevated havens of peace and luxury, each offering a unique embrace of the lush surroundings. Let’s wander together through these treetop sanctuaries, discovering spaces where comfort meets the raw beauty of the wilderness, crafting a getaway that promises to caress your soul with tranquility and awe. 🌳🏠

1. Treetops Seaview Montville

Treetops Seaview Montville

Dreaming of a romantic retreat? Treetops Seaview Montville could be just the ticket. This unique gem is tucked away a mere 200 metres from the enchanting heart of Montville Village. Picture this: boutiques, art galleries, restaurants – all just a leisurely stroll away from your treehouse.

Perched on the escarpment, each treehouse invites guests to unwind on their private deck and soak in the mesmerising blend of the hinterland and coastal views. Trust me, there’s no vista quite like this in Montville.

Inside, each treehouse offers a sanctuary of comfort. Fancy a spa day for two? You’ve got it. How about cosying up in front of a two-way fireplace? Consider it done. And don’t worry about the weather, mates. Each treehouse comes with air conditioning to keep you cool when the Aussie heat kicks in.

Oh, and did we mention the kitchen? Whip up a romantic meal or simply brew your morning cuppa – the choice is yours. Plus, to kick-start your stay, guests are greeted with a breakfast hamper full of tasty goodies upon arrival. Now that’s a pretty sweet deal, isn’t it

Address: 3/130 Main St, Montville QLD 4560

2. Secrets on the Lake

Secrets on the Lake

Nestled amidst the trees in Montville, Secrets on the Lake offers guests an unparalleled experience. Ensuring privacy and meticulous attention to detail, their accommodations are nothing short of world-class. Those looking for a serene retreat from daily routines will find solace here. The hosts have thoughtfully crafted each aspect, ensuring that nature’s magnificence complements every convenience. On a stroll to their elevated treehouses, guests can admire intricate carvings on the boardwalk overlooking the untouched rainforest. Upon entering, one is greeted with exquisite handmade details, from the bed to the kitchen and the sunken spa, all oriented to capture mesmerizing lake views and sunsets.

Address: 207 Narrows Rd, Montville QLD 4560

3. Treetops Montville

Treetops Montville

Treetops® Montville, nestled in the lush Sunshine Coast Hinterland rainforest, provides a secluded escape with standalone cabins that harmonize with the serene natural environment. Guests are welcomed with champagne and chocolates, embarking on a romantic journey that includes cozy log fires, private double spa baths, and tranquil mornings enjoyed from personal decks. The retreat offers a secluded pool and caters to guests throughout all seasons, providing both a warm winter refuge and a cool summer haven. Positioned at the entrance to Kondalilla National Park, Treetops® Montville allows guests to explore the stunning Kondalilla Falls and immerse themselves in a melodious natural setting throughout their stay.

Address: 4 Cynthia Hunt Drive, Flaxton QLD 4560

4. Kondalilla Eco Resort

Kondalilla Eco Resort

Tucked amidst 20 acres of lush Sunshine Coast Hinterland rainforest, only one and a half hours drive from the urban bustle of Brisbane, lies a genuine sanctuary from city life, a place that allows you to unwind, reconnect, and drink in the beauty of nature.

Kondalilla Eco Resort, your haven in the wilderness, offers 23 beautifully appointed rooms. Each room, with fresh linens, convenient kitchenette facilities, and a cozy wood burner for cooler months, is designed with your comfort in mind. For warmer days, each room is equipped with reverse-cycle air conditioning, and to help you relax, spa baths are ready to melt your cares away.

At the heart of this natural paradise is the Kondalilla Restaurant. Embrace vegetarian cuisine enriched with a delightful seafood and vegan influence, all presented with uncompromising style and meticulous attention to detail. Surrounded by unparalleled tranquility and serene beauty, Kondalilla Eco Resort offers a calming retreat, a place for your heart to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge.

Address: 61 Kondalilla Falls Rd, Flaxton QLD 4560

5. Belle's at Montville

Belle's at Montville

Belles at Montville, situated on 3.7 acres, offers guests a tranquil retreat with two private cottages and a studio apartment. Each dwelling provides a serene escape with notable features such as a private deck, spa, and fireplace, all set against a backdrop of stunning views, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and leisure.

Address: 12 Cynthia Hunt Dr, Montville QLD 4560
Phone: (07) 5445 7556

6. Hunchy Hideaway

Hunchy Hideaway

Hunchy Hideaway, nestled in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, provides an idyllic couples’ retreat just a short drive from Montville’s charming main street and Kondalilla National Park. Offering a selection of accommodations, including the Rainforest Villa, Gum Nut Cottage, and Fig Tree Cottage, each featuring their own spa and fireplace, it stands out as a serene and private romantic getaway amidst the tranquil surroundings of Sunshine Coast’s cabins and cottages.

Address: 609 Hunchy Rd, Montville QLD 4555
Phone: (07) 5478 5470

7. Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat

Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat

Narrows Escape, nestled near Queensland’s esteemed Great Walk, serves as a gateway to a natural haven encompassing a network of national parks, home to over 300 bird species. Visitors can immerse themselves in the encompassing nature, exploring through short to full-day hikes, discovering stunning waterfalls, and enjoying both popular and hidden swimming spots, all while being a mere 25-minute drive from the spectacular beaches of the Sunshine Coast. The retreat features eight exclusive villas, each thoughtfully designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring guests can unwind and savor every moment. Tucked away in the pristine rainforest of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and perched on the edge of Kondalilla National Park, it’s a serene escape just 90 minutes north of Brisbane where guests can relax beside a cozy log fire and indulge in a dual spa under the enveloping tree canopy above.

Address: 78 Narrows Rd, Montville QLD 4560
Phone: (07) 5478 5000

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And so, our exploration through the treetop treasures of Montville, within the picturesque Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD, draws to a heartwarming close. A treehouse is not merely a shelter amidst the branches; it’s a soul-soothing escape, where the gentle murmur of the forest and the caress of dappled sunlight create a sanctuary far removed from the everyday. In the lush, vibrant landscapes of Montville, each moment in your elevated hideaway becomes a cherished memory, delicately woven into your story. Now, it’s your moment to ascend, to explore, and to immerse yourself in the enchanting world that awaits amongst the trees.

Share Your Canopy Chronicles

Your adventure in the treetops is on the horizon, and as you prepare to embark, we’re eager to hear your tales from above. Do you have a treehouse stay that has nestled into your heart or a story that’s rooted in your memory? Share your experiences in the comments below and let your story intertwine with the vines of our community. We also invite you to share this article across your social circles, helping to spread the enchantment and allure of these unique treetop retreats to every corner.

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