Top Treehouse Accommodations in WA

Picture this: A gentle morning breeze stirs the treetops, your eyes flutter open to an emerald canopy, and the melodious trills of exotic birds welcome the dawn. Welcome to the enchanting world of treehouse stays, where your childhood dreams converge with luxurious reality, offering an unrivaled travel experience.

Now, let’s embark on this adventure in the expansive landscapes of Western Australia. Blessed with the sun-kissed shores of Indian Ocean Drive, the wineries dotting Margaret River, the ancient beauty of Kimberley, and the carpet of wildflowers across Esperance, Western Australia paints an awe-inspiring backdrop for an elevated vacation. Amidst this, imagine perching on towering eucalyptus and marri trees, embracing an elevated perspective on this diverse landscape. In the following sections, we’ll unveil Western Australia’s top treehouse accommodations, promising an unforgettable retreat into nature’s heart. Buckle up, as we ascend to the treetops!

Above the Foliage: WA's Top Treehouse Accommodations

1. The Tree House

The Tree House​

Denmark’s Tree House stands as an extraordinary and unique vacation home, nestled between the towering majesty of twin karri trees and situated high above the ground, surrounded by colossal granite boulders. One such boulder even intrudes upon the living room, lending an otherworldly charm.

From the expansive, sunlit deck—seemingly suspended in the air—guests can relish glimpses of the inlet and the awe-inspiring karri trees. Inside, the house maintains a bright, airy ambience, courtesy of expansive glass doors and windows that frame the stunning vistas, the granite boulder within the living room serving as a constant reminder of nature’s indomitable presence.

Despite its seeming isolation, the Tree House is conveniently located a mere 2 km from the town of Denmark. Here, guests can explore the local brewery, wineries, galleries, shops, restaurants, and cafes. Additionally, the nearby coastal walk—part of the famed Bibbulmun Track—offers a chance to immerse in nature, while Ocean Beach beckons for a quick drive and a refreshing dip.

Address: 32 Gilbert Ave, Denmark WA 6333

2. Green Leaves Cabin

Green Leaves Cabin

Nestled on the gentle slopes of Weedon Hill, where the tall karri forest meets the Inlet, you’ll find a cozy timber A-Frame house on stilts. It’s just a short drive to the scenic town of Denmark and the lovely Ocean Beach Inlet. Designed with a touch of Scandinavian charm, Green Leaves A-Frame is a perfect getaway for those seeking a touch of romance or families with older kids. It’s like a little piece of home but surrounded by nature. The ground floor has an open, welcoming space that combines a lounge, dining room, and kitchen. Slide open the door, and you’ll step onto a spacious verandah – perfect for relaxing.

Address: 17/19 Adams Rd, Denmark WA 6333

3. Upland Farm Luxury Cabins, Denmark Western Australia

Upland Farm

Nestled within the serene hills of Upland Farm, discover four beautifully designed retreats that showcase breathtaking rolling landscapes. Embrace the simple joys of countryside life in any of our four luxurious cabins, each thoughtfully crafted by architects. Set against the backdrop of a 107-acre active cattle farm, each cabin offers wide views, connecting you deeply with farm life. Gaze upon forests, fields, and vineyards, letting nature’s tranquility wash over you and celebrating the farm’s untouched beauty.

Address: 1620 Scotsdale Rd, Scotsdale WA 6333

Farewell from the Branches

So there you have it! A treetop hideaway isn’t just a place to lay your head; it’s a unique experience that touches your soul. Whether it’s the chirping of birds acting as your natural alarm clock, the dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves, or the panoramic views that leave you breathless, a treehouse accommodation is a passport to a world far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. And in the lush, diverse landscapes of Western Australia, the experience takes on an added layer of charm. It’s time you took a leap of faith, climbed up, and discovered the magic of living amongst the trees.

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